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Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

We specialise in the maintenance, service and repair of in car air conditioning.

Are you experiencing any of the following?

Air con not cold enough

Runny nose and headaches

Noisy system when air con running

Misty windows not clearing

Noticeable drop in fuel economy when air con is running

Unpleasant / damp smells inside the vehicle

If so then our skilled mechanics have at their disposal a top of the range machine that is capable of ensuring accurate & efficient metrics, enabling us to service air con systems on all vehicles.

Many are unaware that their air conditioning is in need of a regular service. Post service the difference is often very noticeable, with a much cleaner fresher feel to the interior.

The service can be done whilst you wait, shop or work - usually within the hour.

Air conditioning systems for vehicles are equipped with a dryer. This component has two functions. It has a drying agent to eliminate humidity from the refrigerant & also acts as a filter.

The dryer should be replaced every two years or whenever the system has been opened for repairs.

Also included in our A/C system service is an Air Conditioner Treatment which eliminates colonies of airborne bacteria caused by the build-up of mould and fungi on the evaporator in the deepest recesses of a vehicle's air conditioning system.

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